First post please bear with me

Hello world. This is my first attempt at a first post on my very first blog.

Don’t be too judgmental. I’m no web guy and I’m no blogger by nature. I’m just a dude who got a hold of a basket case amp and I want to be able to document my restoration progress and also share it with the world in hopes that someone may find it useful or at least entertaining to follow. That being said, I’ve not put the effort into figuring out templates and whatnot. If this layout is ugly then I apologize.

I’ve intended this to be a “living” blog. In other words, things will change, posts will get added and maybe deleted, photos may appear out of nowhere, etc.
Come visit often as I will try and constantly update this blog. It is a work in progress.

Oh, one other thing. I’m no amp guru either. In fact up until about 3 months ago I had no idea how these work or what any of the differences are. But I drank from the firehose of information that is Google and vintage amp forums, and I’m confident that I know enough now to at least talk about them (this particular model and circuit anyway) but also work on it myself with help/guidance for more experienced enthusiasts.
That being said, if I misname something or refer to something that’s incorrect or refer to something as “the capacitor right below this resistor here” not knowing if its a bypass cap or not, its because I just haven’t quite got there with my knowledge yet, not for lack of trying.
I do openly encourage anyone to correct me if I’m off base with anything. This is a learning process for me and I cant learn if I’m not corrected.
So yes, honest, friendly feedback is encouraged.