Here we go.
Starting with the transformers and then the heater wires:
IMG_3981  IMG_3972

Now I unsolder each of the leads going from the board  to the tube sockets:
Labeling eeevvvverrryythinggg…

That part really wasn’t as bad as I thought. And as I mentioned before, it was around this point in the game that I decided NOT to deconstruct the components off the fiberboard just yet. The board itself is pretty warped but it sounds like that’s pretty common. I really want to leave this as unmolested as possible. I decided from here that I would leave as much as I could intact. Just enough to get down to a blank chassis pan.
I’ll decide later on if I really want to deconstruct the components just to put a new board underneath.
For now I was able to unsolder the tube leads and pull the nuts off the front panel hardware and lift the entire thing out as a unit.
Here’s the almost-blank pan and the board laying on the paper layout I printed off earlier:
IMG_3978 IMG_3977

Making progress.
Not much to show really.
As you can see the tube sockets are removed and the pan is almost stripped free of its components. Now you can see the extent of the damage and how it spread. By this point I’ve tried removing that brown tar stuff in small test areas. And don’t be fooled, this shit is on there good!! I tried alcohol, that was laughable. I tried thinner, pffft… “whatever..“, it said. I even tried heavy duty varnish remover. That kinda worked but it took a lot of elbow grease.
Anyway here’s the pan pretty much without any components on it:
IMG_3982 IMG_3985

All the innards laid out on that paper layout:
IMG_3994 IMG_3988 IMG_3986

Now for the bottom side
That black mark is from the choke:
IMG_3984 IMG_3983

So that’s it. Chassis is down to bare metal. Now its time to scrub this tar off.
Actually I had to bust out this super gnarly stuff from the garage that I hadn’t used in forever. It’s bad, but I already tested it in a pretty heavily stained area and it worked really well.

Stay tuned for that….